Installation "Citrus"
Installation, audiovisual, performance 2019

Installation “Citrus” was created specifically for “Yaga Gathering” festival in Spengla forest, Lithuania. The topic of 2019 “Yaga Gathering” festival was “Witchcraft” that dictated some core decisions for the context of the installation. During the festival, two performances were held inside the “Citrus” performed by me and Urte Simkonyte. Throughout the festival (August 15-19) the “Citrus” was constantly supplemented with fresh oranges, grapefruits and lemons. The installation also featured a video that complemented “Citrus” with audiovisual properties and was showcased during the whole time of the festival. The video displayed inside the installation depicted the celebration of meeting the spring. It is a ritual of meeting the sun, dancing around the fire, eating citrus fruits in large amounts. The eating of citrus fruits simbolises the energy coming straight from the sun, which is so needed after a long and dark winter. The official statement for installation reads: “Inside the manifestation of a citrus, a place where energy and vitamins are stored, where weather, temperature and bad mood does not exist as it is a source of vital energy coming directly from the sun. Get inside the citrus and empower your imune system, thank the sun and light for bringing warmth and fruitfulness. Be guided by master witches through the darkest winters.”

Installation: Vilte Gustyte and Morta Petkeviciute
Video and audio: Vilte Gustyte
Performance: Vilte Gustyte and Urte Simkonyte
Photos: Denis Vejas


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